Assembling Team

During this era of the roadmap, we are assembling our foundational team to build EON Guardians but equally important, our core community.

We need your help to build this vision. We're always looking for open-minded collaborators, here are a few examples:

  • Community - have you coordinated or moderated online communities, built a strong social following, or have experience with manifesting collabs and partnerships?

  • Creators - are you an illustrator, concept artist, manga artist, animator, 3D artist, music composer, etc.?

  • Diversity - women, NB, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, person with disability? We want more of these voices in both web3 and game development.

  • Web3 builders - are you a designer, developer, or a web3 native?

If you feel passionate about a more inclusive and sustainable future of web3, games, and community building - connect with us!

Join our discord:

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