Card Pack (Eternal Edition)

Overview of the EON Ancients Card Pack collection

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These card packs are a symbol of thanks to our early community and a means of welcoming people into our community co-creation ecosystem.

Below are the perks and utility for holders of this collection:

Discord Roles

In-Game Utility

In addition, the Packs will reward those holding the Packs with a nominal bonus to all in-game currency rewards collected in the EON Ancients CCG.

Each individual pack will provide a flat % increase to the reward currency collected within the game. We will allow stacking of this bonus up to a maximum % increase.

For now, we are targeting about a 1.5% to 3% increase per pack, up to a maximum of about 20-30%. The exact numbers will be finalized prior to CCG launch, but this at least gives an idea.

The rationale is to provide a small but meaningful bonus for players that consistently come back to play and engage with the game but not so much that it puts players without the packs at a significant economic disadvantage.


Holders of Card Packs were airdropped a Pass Pack, in a 1-to-1 ratio. e.g. if you held 5 Card Packs on November 30, 2022 the you were airdropped 5 Pass Packs.

See following for details on Game Pass (Eternal Edition).

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