Game Economy

Overview of game economy design topics

Card Supply & Collection Value

The guiding economic principle is the design allows for enough controls on EON’s end to initially control the supply of cards in the ecosystem. We feel this is necessary for the initial start of the card supply economy. There is a careful balance between ensuring there are enough cards in people’s possession to be able to create fun and enjoyable decks while ensuring there is not a total abundance of cards such that they have no value.

The initial design will focus on an overall card supply and distribution of rarities that is right-sized for the number of active players within the game. As the player base grows, we will be able to tune economic controls accordingly.

Earn In-Game Card Packs

Players will be able to earn virtual currency that can be redeemed for card packs, which will contain multiple random cards. The packs will contain a random distribution of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary cards. The percentage chance of each of these rarities being pulled will be published prior to the game launch.

Players will want to engage and play the game on a daily basis to earn the maximum amount of virtual currency to be redeemed towards card packs. The expectation is players that play every day will be able to earn at least one card pack per week.

Purchase In-Game Card Packs

For the duration of the Eternal Edition set, we will allow players to buy a limited amount of card packs. The number of packs allowed to be purchased will be carefully monitored. This is a fundamental control that we feel is necessary to ensure there can be a healthy long-term game economy that is less vulnerable to large impact by heavy spenders.

It is a careful tradeoff that needs to be weighed and considered at regular intervals.


For every in-game card pack that is opened, EON, using a published ratio (that will be updated in this whitepaper prior to CCG launch), will mint an in-game card pack for its own treasury. The purpose of the treasury will be used towards future reward pools and prizes for tournaments, events, marketing, and partnership opportunities.

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