Vanguards NFT

What are Vanguards?

vanguard, noun

Definition of vanguard

1 : the forefront of an action or movement

2 : the leading units at the front of an army or fleet

Vanguards are the first NFT collection to be part of the EON Guardians universe. They represent the leaders of our community and the first to align with our vision of the future of web3 gaming.

Vanguards are characters summoned from infinite alternate timelines in the EON universe. They can be from the past, present, future, and any combination of the three. Much like the world, monsters, and characters within EON Guardians the game.

Vanguards also represent support as a backer of EON Guardians. With that comes perks that we feel we are able to commit to today, but as we develop and grow - we hope to add more perks and benefits for Vanguard holders:

Join the Vanguards

We are gearing up for a mint on ETH targeting late October 2022. Want to be part of this movement? While we will keep this document up to date, our Discord server is the best place for the latest updates and info.

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