EON Origins (Manga)

What is EON Origins?

Our first initiative of content creation following the Vanguards NFT mint will be to start production of a limited manga/webcomic series called EON Origins.

EON Origins will tell the story that connects the ancient lore of the EON universe with the setting of the world in EON Guardians. The story will focus on the core NPC characters that are planned for EON Guardians.

Why a manga/webcomic?

It takes many many months to develop each meaningful milestone of a compelling video game. We don't want our community to be waiting months between meaningful content updates. We want to try our vision of building with a community in web3.

EON Origins is the narrative prequel to EON Guardians. We will be involving our community in the process of developing the story, choosing which stories to tell first, and even things like deciding which new characters to design and designing them with our community.

The philosophy and processes we develop immediately as a part of EON Origins will be a precursor to how we do the same with EON Guardians, building with our community every step of the way

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