Core Gameplay

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

EON Guardians core gameplay at a high level is a mix of 2 genres of gameplay design. This combination allows us to create gameplay depth, knowledge complexity, and a high skill ceiling. We’ll describe these 2 genres conceptually as the game’s Micro Mechanics and Macro Systems.

The combination of micro and macro gameplay allows players to have a wide range of agency in how they want to play especially during the early user experience. Players can choose what interests them most right from the start and likely be met with success for a time while in the early stages of progression.

In terms of micro mechanics skill, players are likely to master certain concepts earlier than others. A player less accustomed to action-combat mechanics can be lacking in micro gameplay mastery, but compensate with investment into macro RPG-familiar systems like items and weakness attributes. Conversely, a more action-oriented player can master control of their avatar in battle quickly, and have less need for healing items and damage buffs.

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