Retention Systems

Daily/Weekly Quests

Algorithmically assigned quests based on user behaviors to encourage under-explored modes of play and playstyles, while continuing to reward a player’s more favored gameplay features.

Rewards for daily/weekly quests will be soft currencies and Battle Pass levels, funneling players intuitively from Daily → Weekly → Monthly cycles of engagement.

Battle Pass

Monthly sequences of rewards requiring goal-oriented play sessions for at least 60% of the duration of the battle pass period. Also a monetizing system where players can purchase for fiat or token currency a “premium” reward track with higher value.

Reward content will be primarily exclusively offered only for the duration of the battle pass season, with some soft and premium currencies distributed throughout.

This is both a monetization feature, as well as a long-term retention system.

Leaderboard Events

Off-cycle competitive events with potentially significant pools of token currency as reward for players who rank highly on the leaderboard.

These are also an opportunity for us to acknowledge seasonal holidays or IRL current events

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