EON Guardians itself is not an MMORPG, but we believe it’s critical that the moments in between hunts be passively social to create the feeling of a vibrant, living world and allow for emergent fun outside of gameplay systems.

All functionality outside of actual monster hunts or active gameplay modes will require physically navigating the MMO hub city, including critical management:

  • Crafting

  • Quest Collection

  • Marketplace

  • Hunt Queueing

The MMO Hub also serves as a means for players to show off the identity of their character. As the game grows, it is important for a player to differentiate one’s self from others in the form of aesthetics. With the ability to introduce rarity and scarcity of certain items, it becomes more apparent and desirable for some players to be able to represent that socially.

One of the possibilities, especially in Web3, is for cross-collaboration across projects, which can create micro-communities within the game that one can reinforce with aesthetics that are borrowed from collaborating partners.

Building for aesthetics and visual identity within the game systems acts as an important factor to keep players coming back to collect different items. Providing a social platform in the way of the MMO Hub and other channels becomes especially important to consider.

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