EON Guardians

EON Guardians

What is EON Guardians?

EON Guardians is a play-and-own game where players will use their skills to hunt colossal monsters, crafts and customize gear, and discover an immersive world full of lore and original characters. Discover a world filled with magic, lost technology, wild nature, and fanciful beasts in a mysterious land lost in time.
EON Guardians is founded by a team of game industry veterans who want to bring accessibility and sustainability to web3 gaming and true digital ownership to the game industry as a whole.

What is Play-and-Own?

Play-and-own is just a short term to describe what we believe will be the future of free-to-play gaming. The current landscape of gaming is entirely dominated by a business model in which players do not truly own the digital goods they purchase in-game. It's a 0.01% exception for a web2 game to offer any form of resale or trade for external value of any digital goods sold in-game.
Blockchain technology allows us to change this paradigm and design an open economy using the same principles we, the team, have mastered developing free-to-play games. We believe that this is purely a value-add for all gamers, not just web3 gamers. And that once gamers are given the choice of true digital ownership and an ecosystem in which external value can be observed and acquired, there will be no going back.


No NFT purchase will be required to play the game. One of the driving principles of free-to-play gaming (and thus play-and-own) is the concept of accessibility. This will be a constantly evolving topic and focus for the game's design, but there are some simple decisions we can declare even at this stage:
  • No cost of entry, start playing for free - keep playing for free
  • Accessible gameplay, players of any skill level will be able to find fun
  • Widely available, we plan to distribute cross-platform globally
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