Our Values

Fun-First Blockchain Games

We believe that games need to be fun - first and foremost. Why is fun important? Aside from providing a net positive to humankind via momentary happiness and excitement, it's because fun is at the heart of what drives the scalability and sustainability of a game as a product.

If users are not sticking around to play the game beyond some quick point of liquidity, then value is leaving your ecosystem. If there are no qualitative persistent use cases for digital goods beyond liquidity, then it can be very difficult to ever drive significant persistent value of digital goods past that peak point of investment return. Games that are fun, deep, and complex in systems with many varied strategic reasons to use the entire collection of digital goods provide for sustained value even after those goods have been traded to a new user.

Value Creation NOT Sunk Cost

Liquidity is an important word for us too. As much as we believe that fun needs to be brought into web3, we also believe that liquidity of digital goods needs to disrupt web2.

The founders have been building free-to-play games professionally for over 10-15 years. A big part of what excites us as developers about web3 is the opportunity to create value for our players. We have rarely (a.k.a. never) been able to do this before. In web2, this is a 0.1% exception rather than a rule.

The promise of free-to-play games is a great one. You can play a game and enjoy everything it has to offer without needing to pay any upfront costs. This has been exploited in web2 games quite often with pay-to-win design because it does often make the most profits within the parameters of closed economies. With web3 we believe we can make equal or greater profits by offering as much value as possible to our players.

Making Games Better

The last core mission of the EON Guardians team is to make games better. Which includes consideration of the following:

  • How we make games

  • Who we make games with

  • What games we are making

  • Why we are making them

  • When we are choosing to make them

We believe many things in the game industry need changing. Diversity is still a huge struggle, and developer teams often bear no resemblance to the content that is being produced or the audiences that are consuming them. We believe this needs to change, and it starts with an active commitment to bear this in mind from day 1, not day 365.

We believe making games doesn't need to be stressful. We've all heard of crunch. Sometimes it can be beneficial to the product but we believe that it is rarely, if ever, necessary. Crunch comes from poor planning, bad workflows, flawed communication, and toxic politics in the workplace. We've been there, done that, and don't want to keep repeating those mistakes.

We are here for the betterment of both web2 gamers and web3 gaming. We believe that the days of digital goods being locked into closed economies with no liquidity are numbered. And we also believe the line that separates web2 vs. web3 will disappear entirely sooner rather than later.

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