EON Guardians
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Who Are We

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is often talked about for new startups. What is ours?
Free-to-play experts. We've been shipping games at the top publishers through every era and platform of free-to-play games. Spread across every era of free-to-play gaming and genres ranging from hyper-casual to 4X RTS strategy to mid-core RPG to sports simulation. 15+ years of game design, art production, and software development experience.
Deep study of web3. We didn't jump into web3 on a whim in a bull market. We took our time to evaluate the technologies and study the market initiatives to form a strongly held opinion on where web3 gaming needs to go, all while actively reprogramming ourselves to reimagine what game development looks like in web3 and the future.
We're repeat entrepreneurs. We've done this before, we've shipped deeply complex multiplayer games from scratch. Not only that, we've done this with each other. We know the challenges, we've made mistakes and learned from them. Now we're ready to apply all of that to EON Guardians.


Chris Hui, @corgipunk, LinkedIn
Tech Lead, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, THQ, EA, Kabam, Lucasfilm, Topgolf
Favorite Games: Chrono Trigger, Marvel vs. Capcom 2+3, Monster Hunter: Tri
Serial Entrepreneur, Free-to-Play Innovator, Ex-Kabam
Favorite Games: MtG, Slay the Spire, LoL, WoW
Ash, @AbuNft, LinkedIn
Community Lead, Method to the Mythos, Limitless Guild, Web3 Esports Competitor
Favorite Games: Pokemon, Axie Infinity, Monster Hunter, MtG
Tami Wicinas, @tamiwicinas, LinkedIn
Resident NFT Artist, Illustrator extraordinaire, Pottery Enthusiast
Favorite Games: Myst, Journey, Stardew Valley, Zelda: BotW
Advisor. F2P Product Leader & Expert. Ex-Kabam, Glu.
Favorite Games: Zelda: OoT, TLoU, TMNT: Turtles in Time, Batman: Arkham City, Street Fighter