Fun-First Blockchain Games

To give proper context on how the Gameplay & Features section is structured, it's important to know what our thesis is for what will be the future of blockchain gaming. Our perspective is that there are several core tenants of free-to-play game design that are mandatory for the model to succeed:

  1. Accessibility

    • Lowest friction possible to onboard new users and a wide variety of demographics

  2. Retention

    • Users should want to come back daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually

  3. Live Service

    • Content and features that scale with the audience and maturity of product

How does this apply to blockchain games? Our goal is to create NFT use cases within gaming that are scalable in volume, value, and sustainability. Free-to-play game design is optimized for these things but applied to digital goods in closed economies. We believe "play-and-own" will be the key to creating a scalable long-term future for NFTs and blockchain technology as applied to games.

With that said, everything from this point on is framed by how to methodically create the fun-first user experience.

Player Journey

Our entire focus is on the journey of the player, from their first session through the coming days, weeks, months, and even years of play.

We believe the Player Journey starts with an initial visual hook. The emphasis on aesthetics, especially how the character moves and fights, along with the visual effects, is the first chance we have to get a potential player interested in EON Guardians.

Once a player decides to play EON Guardians for the first time, during the New Player Experience, it becomes vital to create reasons for the player to come back and play for the first 3 days. It becomes our job to start to create a habit. We believe it can be achieved via the following:

  • Micro-Gameplay - to be explained further in more detail but the idea is to make the player feel good about the core gameplay and give them an early sense of achievement as they improve quickly.

  • Login Rewards - typical carrot to have players come back at defined intervals and reward them for having multiple sessions.

  • Onboarding Tutorial - a learning tool that balances teaching the players enough to enjoy the game but isn't overbearing and tedious.

  • Crafting Tutorial - hints at the long-term goal and rewards to keep playing and provides that sense of progression that is vital to keep players interested.

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